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Diverse and Extensive Experience

These cases are a small examples of the types of cases and matters we handled. This is not an exhaustive list and we have simple brief descriptions. We do not list the actual case names due to client confidentiality. We provide a generic case description for illustrative purposes as we take our duty to clients extremely serious. What greater confidential relationship exists in this country besides that of an attorney and his client? What greater sin is there than to breach that relationship? Although, many of our clients are well known and many of the cases we have been involved in have made the news, it is our approach not to list those here. Also, many times settlements of actual cases are confidential due to the requirements of a settlement agreement. As another example for using generic descriptions, Walt Disney could not have purchased so many orange groves in central Florida had his attorney’s not kept the confidentiality.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation Example Cases

Builder’s Defense.

Our client is a builder and developer. Litigation was filed against the company with allegations of fraud and defective construction. The uniqueness of this case is that the plaintiffs were attempting to rescind the entire contract although they had lived in the house for several years. They were also seeking more than $300,000.00 in damages. The plaintiffs contended that the house was built on top of springs and this was not disclosed at closing. We were able to obtain the appropriate experts to demonstrate that the house was built properly and that the backyard was located in a recorded flood zone. We were further able to show that their failure to maintain the lot resulted in the problems that the homeowners were claiming. After a jury trial, the homeowners’ claims were turned down, leaving the client with no liability.

Engineer Water Flow Issue.

We represented an engineer that was a defendant in litigation where an entire subdivision claimed that the engineering was inappropriately handled, resulting in extensive water flow problems on the property. Through discovery, we were able to show that the engineering standards were properly complied with and that the water flow problems were the failure of the association of homeowners’ and developer’s failure to comply with the engineering plans. This resulted in substantial reduced settlement for our client and during the litigation, we were even able to show the association of homeowners how to properly repair the property.

Developer Water Drainage.

Developers are frequently sued by lower property owners over water issues. With our knowledge and expertise in these areas, we are generally able to show how the problem can be properly corrected and properly assess responsibility. Many times water flow issues result due to extraordinary weather events and are a part of the natural course, leaving the developer without any responsibility. A majority of these cases have been resolved through motions for summary judgment or substantially reduced settlements.

Subcontractor Liability.

We have represented numerous subcontractors in cases against subcontractors for improper construction and have been able to obtain monetary damages to the developer for improper construction. As part of this practice, we have also represented numerous contractors in bringing litigation for substantial unpaid invoices.

Contractor Enforcement of Contract.

Our client was a developer of property and had a contract on property as a part of an assemblage. The owner of the property died before the closing and the heirs of the estate refused to close on the property. The heirs then got into a dispute about true ownership of the property, leaving our client with unassembled property they had already purchased. We were successful in litigation in enforcing the contract and requiring the estate to close on the property after a jury trial with numerous opposing law firms.


A substantial amount of the construction cases go to arbitration because contract revisions require them. We have handled arbitration in most venues and are very adept in the arbitration process. We have had substantial success in representing clients in arbitration matters and have received substantial awards on behalf of our clients. We have further had awards substantially reduced in defending clients.

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