Our Attorneys

Stephen P. Fuller

Mr. Fuller is the managing partner of the firm and oversees the litigation practice. He has been involved in hundreds of large cases and appeals. He ensures that business like and hands on approach used in the business practice is continued in the litigation practice...(more)

To contact Mr. Fuller, call 770-622-4700 or email spf@fullersloan.com.

Donnie R. Sloan Jr.

Mr. Sloan brings nearly 47 years of experience to Fuller Sloan with a broad corporate practice that includes venture capital transactions, securities, contract negotiation, commercial real estate, ecommerce and taxation. Mr. Sloan has represented numerous restaurants and drug stores as they change through the acquisition and establishment of new locations...(more)

To contact Mr. Sloan, call 770-622-4700 or email drs@fullersloan.com.

G. Jason Thompson

Mr. Thompson has substantial experience in civil, criminal, and election law. Mr. Thompson has been involved in issues including advocacy, ballot security, and 501 C3 and C4 nonprofit compliance. Mr. Thomspson's experience includes serving as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney having handled multiple high exposure cases...(more)

To contact Mr. Thompson, call 770-622-4700 or email gjt@fullersloan.com.

Parth S. Munshi, Of Counsel

Mr. Munshi is an experienced corporate and securities attorney. Having been in-house with multinational corporations, Mr. Munshi values being a member of his client's business team. It is because he understands that his clients ultimately live with their decisions that he goes above and beyond providing advice and continues to support his clients...(more)

To contact Mr. Munshi, call 770-622-4700 or email pmunshi@fullersloan.com