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Diverse and Extensive Experience

These cases are a small examples of the types of cases and matters we handled. This is not an exhaustive list and we have simple brief descriptions. We do not list the actual case names due to client confidentiality. We provide a generic case description for illustrative purposes as we take our duty to clients extremely serious. What greater confidential relationship exists in this country besides that of an attorney and his client? What greater sin is there than to breach that relationship? Although, many of our clients are well known and many of the cases we have been involved in have made the news, it is our approach not to list those here. Also, many times settlements of actual cases are confidential due to the requirements of a settlement agreement. As another example for using generic descriptions, Walt Disney could not have purchased so many orange groves in central Florida had his attorney’s not kept the confidentiality.

Business Litigation Example Cases

We are able to draw from decades of experience and solve our client’s problems. We focus on the details and roll up our sleeves to comprehend all issues of the matter. Our litigation specialty is litigation itself. Every case is unique to the jury and frequently the judge. What matters most is understanding the problem, the client and knowing how this can be taught to the judge and jury.

Breach of Contract.

We were able to obtain a $300,000.00 for wrongful refusal to honor a contract regarding the sale and purchase of land. Not only were we able to obtain all damages and interest under the law, but we were able to prove bad faith and stubborn litigiousness and obtained all of our client’s attorney’s fees.

Breach of Lease.

We represented our client against a landlord that allowed a competitor to come into the same shopping center in violation of our client’s lease. Through heated litigation and discovery, we were able to show that our client was substantially damaged by the competitor which resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of our client.

Employer Liability Defense.

We have handled numerous cases involving allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment. We have been successful numerous times in having the case dismissed on summary judgment. This is a procedure where the court is required to review the facts and law after substantial discovery. We have been able to demonstrate on a number of cases that the claims should not proceed to a jury trial.

Franchise and Distribution

Our litigation team has vast experience in dealing with franchise, distribution and licensing disputes and strive to create a goal oriented, creative resolution when disputes arise. Having represented several franchisors and franchisees, including the founder of Applebee’s, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist our clients when dealing with disputes that arise. We are fully prepared to advise and guide the client to resolution of the dispute through full litigation when necessary. This includes dealing with the failure to comply with franchise agreements, both on the side of the franchisor as well as misuse of licenses and distribution issues.

Labor Issues

We have represented clients in labor matters including; labor compliance, regulatory matters, professional certifications, class and certified actions alleging violation of wage and labor laws. These matters also involve consultation and representation of the client in all labor and licensure compliance matters.

We have represented clients in the medical field in negotiation and drafting of Physician Hospital Employment Agreements along with Practice Group Agreements. In addition, we have represented these clients in governmental regulatory matters including licensure, privacy compliance and data protection.


Lender Liability.

We represented a developer against a national bank which caused the developer to lose a substantial sum of money when the bank refused to honor its line of credit. The bank prematurely terminated the developer’s line of credit, causing the developer’s product to fail. After discovery and depositions, we were able to settle with the bank for a substantial sum of money, not only to pay for our client’s losses, but also obtain a full release of all property the bank held as collateral.

During hard economic times, the bank foreclosed on one of our client’s brand new facilities and attempted to come after our client for a $2,000,000.00 deficiency judgment. We were able to defend the case vigorously on behalf of our client and avoid all consequences by forcing the bank to forgive the note in the amount of $2,000,000.00. The settlement was confidential and the names cannot be released.

Local Tax Disputes.

We have handled numerous local tax issues for warehouse clients in Freeport exemptions and inventory tax disputes against governmental entities. These cases have resulted in millions of dollars of savings for our clients.

Manufacturer, Distributors and Manufacturers Representatives.

We have been engaged in several cases filed between distributors against manufacturers. We have represented both the manufacturers and distributors as well as manufacturer representatives. These cases usually are resolved for pennies on the dollar in favor of our clients or we have won outright during litigation. We represent international and national manufacturers along with many distributors and representatives that have offices in Georgia. Most recently we were able to obtain a settlement against a manufacturer of behalf of a representative for in excess of $250,000. Through our efforts the settlement was very timely as the manufacturer later went bankrupt well after any time that a preferential transfer could be claimed.

Patent License Litigation.

Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia. Our business litigators were able to successfully remove an imposed patent on products of our clients, resulting in a savings of millions to our clients. This case was resolved by final judgment and the judgment was worth millions to our client.

Preferential Transfers.

There is no fury worse than the bankruptcy Trustee coming after a business for payments received prior to a company filing bankruptcy. Our client was targeted for litigation in a multi-million dollar bankruptcy in a demand for repayment of $300,000 paid to them prior to the bankruptcy being filed. We were able to demonstrate new value and negotiate a settlement with the Trustee for less than 10 cents on the dollar.

Product Liability Defense.

We represented our client in the foundry industry. An explosion occurred in a plant in South Georgia leaving a worker seriously injured and in an induced coma for several months due to serious burns. We were able to demonstrate through our working knowledge of the equipment that the client’s equipment was very likely not to be the cause of the explosion and such occurred through user error. This resulted in a substantial discounted settlement and contribution from other parties.

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